POTUS Fact 22: Only President to wed in the White House

Big, heavy and astute, 22nd President, Stephen Grover Cleveland (1837–1908) was born in Caldwell on March 18, 1837. He was the only president that was born in the state of New Jersey.

Image of President Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland (March 18, 1837 – June 24, 1908), 22nd President of the United States (1885-1889)/tvtropes.

Grover Cleveland was drafted during the Civil War, however, he paid the sum of $150 for a Polish immigrant, George Brinske, to serve in his place. This was a lawful option, due to the Conscription Act of 1863, but later political rivals raised questions about his lack of duty.

At age 47, Cleveland was a bachelor when he was elected President. The first time since James Buchanan in 1856. But he later got married while in office.

He was not the first President to marry while in office, but the only President whose wedding ceremony was held in the White House.

President Cleveland married Frances Folsom, the daughter of his law partner, in the Blue Room of the White House on June 2, 1886; she was 21 and became the youngest ever First Lady. The Clevelands would go on to have five children.

In 1895, Grover Cleveland became the first US president to be filmed. The moving image clip showed him signing a new bill into law.

Image of Frances Folsom Cleveland
Frances Folsom Cleveland (July 21, 1864 – October 29, 1947), First Lady of the United States (June 2, 1886 – March 4, 1889)/Wikimedia Commons.

The portrait of Grover Cleveland appeared on the $1,000 bill until it was discontinued in 1945.

During his presidency, Grover Cleveland disallowed over 400 bills, this was more vetoed than the previous 21 presidents combined!

He was given the nicknames “Big Steve” and “Uncle Jumbo”, these were given on the basis of his generous size. He was the second heaviest President at 250 pounds after Howard Taft.

A cause worth fighting for is worth fighting for to the end.―Grover Cleveland (March 18, 1837 – June 24, 1908), 22nd President of the United States (1885-1889).

The Pullman’s Strike took place in 1894, it was significant because it was first national strike in US history and involved over 150,000 persons in twenty-seven states. The President then sent federal troops and successfully ended the Pullman car workers’ strike in Chicago, Illinois.

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated by Grover Cleveland on October 28, 1886. Originally the statue was known as “Liberty Enlightening the World“, it was a gift from the people of France and stands at 151 ft (46m) high.

Grover Cleveland was quoted as saying “Whatever you do, tell the truth.”





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