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Pope John XII Vatican

How Pope John XII turned the Vatican to a Whorehouse

John XII preferred battles to Bible study, hunting to holiness, and was a notorious adulterer and liar. The prestige of the papacy was at its lowest ebb.

Athena: 5 Amazing Facts About the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War

Athena also played a vital role at the beginning of the Trojan War, as she along with Hera and Aphrodite involved themselves in a feud.
Regulus and the Great Serpent of Bagradas

Regulus and the Great Serpent of Bagradas

The serpent was so huge that it denied Regulus and his army access to the Bagradas. With its large mouth it seized many soldiers and crushed them to death.

Shishak: The African King Who Sacked Jerusalem in 10th Century B.C.

There is a high probability that Shishak sacked Jerusalem by taking their gold, silver, and other precious treasures to Egypt while simultaneously making Jerusalem subordinate to Egypt.

Mansa Musa: The Financial Recklessness of the Richest Man in History

Mansa Musa amassed so much wealth that he has been described by historians as the richest man in history...
Hatshepsut - The Female Pharaoh Who Ruled Egypt as a Man

Hatshepsut: The Female Pharaoh Who Ruled Egypt as a Man

Scholars of Ancient Egypt knew little of Hatshepsut’s existence until 1822 when they were able to decode the hieroglyphics on the walls of Deir el-Bahri.

Imhotep: The Real Father of Medicine is from Africa

What made Imhotep stand out, particularly in the world of Egyptian medicine at the time, was that his medical discoveries were not based on magic.

10 Strange Facts about the Love Life of Ancient Egyptians

Among the ancient Egyptians, women were respected, birth control was used, and premarital sex was rampant.
Was Ancient Egypt a White Civilisation

Was Ancient Egypt a White Civilisation?

Ancient Egypt lasted from 3100 B.C. when Narmer reigned as Egypt’s first king and ended in 30 B.C. when it fell to the Roman Empire and became a Roman province.

Ancient Egypt: From Roman Rule (30 B.C) to Arab Conquest (639 A.D)

The Romans would go on to rule Egypt for nearly 700 years before the Arabs, in December 639, conquered the ancient African kingdom.

The Seven Wonders of Ancient Africa

The Great Walls of the Benin Kingdom built by the Edo people c.1055, is one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient Africa.

What Were Africans Doing During the Life of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth lived from around 6 B.C. when Augustus Caesar was Emperor of Rome to around the year 30 A.D.

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