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Was Calabar ever the capital of Nigeria?

Although Calabar was the capital of this new Protectorate of Southern Nigeria, however, most of the colonial, diplomatic activities and high-level official businesses were carried out in Lagos.

The Tragic Story of Hadiza Oboh, Nigeria Airways’ First Female Pilot

Hadiza Oboh was the first and only female pilot of the defunct Nigeria Airways in the 1990s. She was an amazon in, not only, the Nigerian aviation industry but the world at large.
Dele Giwa death

How Dele Giwa was Bombed to Death in 1986

Dele Giwa kept moaning the refrain, “They have got me.” Who he referred to as “they” still remains a riddle to this day.
Image of Ahebi Ugbabe

Ahebi Ugbabe: The only Female King in Colonial Nigeria

Ahebi Ugbabe has been described succinctly by the American-based Nigerian historian Nwando Achebe in her book, The Female King of Colonial...

How Operation Wetie led to the 1966 Nigerian Coup D’état

The full story of how the political rivalry between Ladoke Akintola and Obafemi Awolowo led to Nigeria's First Coup D'état in 1966...
Image of Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi

July 29: The Day Aguiyi-Ironsi, Gowon, Nzeogwu met their doom

Major-General Johnson Thomas Umunakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi was 41 years, 10 months and 13 days old when he became Nigeria's first military Head-of-State on January...
Image of Nigerian States

25 Interesting Facts about Nigeria’s 36 States

If you alphabetically list the capitals against the states, including the FCT, the capital of OGUN would be MAIDUGURI, while only...
Image of Umaru Dikko

Buhari and the Umaru Dikko kidnap of July 1984

On Thursday, July 5, 1984, an attempt to kidnap Nigeria’s Minister of Transport and Aviation, Alhaji Umaru Dikko, was foiled by the...

Yar’Adua’s Ailment, Jonathan’s Quandary and the Doctrine of Necessity

With the fears that the power vacuum would lead to anarchy and a possible military takeover...they reached a compromise by adopting the Doctrine of Necessity.
Image of Anna Hinderer Church and Mission House at Ibadan.

40 Interesting Facts you did not know about Ibadan

The city of Ibadan was created in 1829 as a war camp for warriors coming from Oyo, Ife, and Ijebu. A...
Image of Bashorun Gaa

Bashorun Gaa: The “Wicked Prime Minister” of the Old Oyo Empire

The Oyo Empire was a monarchial one and ruled by an Alaafin (King), (Alaafin means 'owner of the palace' in the...

Why Nigeria changed from Left-Hand to Right-Hand Drive in 1972

Nigeria had been driving on the left with British imported right-hand-drive cars, but after the civil war (1967-1970), it shifted to driving on the right on April 2, 1972.
Image of Lord Lugard

Lord Lugard and the 1902 fall of Kano

The capture of Kano by the British Royal West African Frontier Force signalled the end of the Fulani Empire in West...

Does the Republic of Biafra still exist?

In his No Victor, No Vanquished speech on January 15, 1970, General Yakubu Gowon asserted that “the so-called 'Rising Sun of Biafra' is set forever.”
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