1843: The Year Christianity entered Abeokuta

The first church service which ushered in Christianity to Abeokuta took place on Sunday, January 8, 1843. The service was conducted in Chief Sodeke's residence.

A Timeline of the 2020 EndSARS Protest in Nigeria

The October 2020 EndSARS Protest in Nigeria actively lasted for 17 days; from October 7, 2020, to October 24, 2020.

What the British Did to Nigeria!

Did you know the total number of years the British spent in Nigeria as colonial masters? 99 straight years. Then, it was not officially known as Nigeria.

Why Usman dan Fodio’s 1804 Sokoto Jihad failed in Kanem-Bornu

Kanem-Bornu, now in present-day Northern Nigeria, was the only real opposition to Usman dan Fodio's 1804 Sokoto Jihad.

Will the Groundnut Pyramids of Kano ever return?

President Goodluck Jonathan promised to revive the Groundnut Pyramids but he failed to fulfil that promise until he left office in 2015.

How Nigeria’s Second Republic Fell in 1983

Nigeria's Second Republic, which fell on December 31, 1983, has been described as being ‘prebendal’. Shehu Shagari ruled as executive president.

How Nigeria’s Third Republic Failed in 1993

Nigeria’s Third Republic, which began as a transition programme in 1992, was eventually buried by General Sani Abacha on November 17, 1993.

How Nigeria’s First Republic Fell in 1966

Nigeria’s First Republic lasted for less than three years until it fell on January 15, 1966, after the country’s first military coup.
Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970)

The Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970)

The Nigerian civil war witnessed the death of about one to three million Nigerians, with the majority being from the Eastern region.
Umaru Dikko Kidnap

How the Umaru Dikko Kidnap of July 1984 Failed

Umaru Dikko fled to London through the Republic of Togo and took a flight to London from Lome. The minister had become "Nigeria's most wanted man".
abacha's death

What really caused General Sani Abacha’s death on June 8, 1998?

After Abacha's death, Lieutenant-General Abdulsalami Abubakar, Nigeria's Chief of Defence Staff, was sworn in as the country's 11th Head-of-State.

How General Olusegun Obasanjo Americanized Nigeria in 1979

In 1979, General Olusegun Obasanjo ditched the British-style parliamentary system and opted for the American-style presidential system...
Joseph Gomwalk

Was Joseph Gomwalk guilty of the 1976 Dimka Coup?

Joseph Gomwalk was only 41 years old when he was executed on May 15, 1976, in Lagos, the federal capital.

How Goodluck Jonathan became Nigeria’s President in 2010

With the fears that the power vacuum would lead to anarchy and a possible military takeover...they reached a compromise by adopting the Doctrine of Necessity.
Why the April 22, 1990, Gideon Orkar Coup failed

Why the April 22, 1990, Gideon Orkar Coup failed

The April 22, 1990, Gideon Orkar coup led to the speedy movement of the federal capital from Lagos to Abuja in 1991 which would disrupt the Abuja masterplan.

Was President Shehu Shagari overthrown because of corruption?

Shehu Shagari was the only democratically elected President of Nigeria’s Second Republic. The post-civil war military government led by...
Nigeria's Crude Oil - Niger Delta

Nigeria’s Crude Oil: A Blessing or a Curse to the Niger Delta?

The National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) recorded three thousand, two hundred and three (3,203) oil spills in the Niger Delta region between 2006 and 2010.
Ahebi Ugbabe: The ony Female King of Colonial Nigeria

Ahebi Ugbabe: The Only Female King of Colonial Nigeria

Ahebi Ugbabe has been described succinctly by Nwando Achebe in her book, The Female King of Colonial Nigeria: Ahebi Ugbabe, published in 2011...

How Bola Ige, Funsho Williams were assassinated in the early 2000s

While Bola Ige was shot and killed in Ibadan, Funsho Williams was stabbed and strangled to death at his home in Lagos.
Hadiza Lantana Oboh

The Tragic Story of Hadiza Oboh, Nigeria Airways’ First Female Pilot

Hadiza Oboh was the first and only female pilot of the defunct Nigeria Airways in the 1990s. She was an amazon in, not only, the Nigerian aviation industry but the world at large.

Top 8 Events that led to the Nigerian Civil War

The Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Biafran War or the Nigeria-Biafra War, was a war fought to counter the secession of the Republic of Biafra from Nigeria.

Iwe Irohin: Nigeria’s First Newspaper (1859-1867)

In January 1866, Iwe Irohin appeared in two versions; one in English and the other in the Yoruba language. The English language version sold for one penny.

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