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Historians have been collecting information on the history of the world, people, and society for centuries, cataloguing, researching, and documenting the past so people can learn how humanity lived in the past.

History is most often split n to two areas, history and prehistory. History covers human history dating back as far as written records go; pre-history is the time before this when information is found entirely through Archaeology.

The knowledge of human history is hugely important to the development of the human race, it shows the importance of peace and shows the horrors of war, it tells us how people used to live and how cleanliness and medicines have helped improve our lifestyle, as well as increase our lifespan.

History has shown us an unbelievable past, we can learn about human atrocities such as the concentration camps in World War Two, the brutal Nigerian Civil War, or the beauty of the Sistine Chapel and the Emancipation Proclamation. Sometimes, History shows us where both combine, like the Egyptian pyramids where thousands died to create stunning monuments to the dead.

The fascinating subject of History is one that can entertain and educate, its almost limitless depth gives near endless opportunities for discovery. With the depth of human depravity and ingenuity, you can explore the human past to help improve the future of the human race. History is a subject that explores and investigates the past to improve the future for us all.

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Ayomide Akinbode is the innovation behind HistoryVille; a website that enlightens and informs us about past events in Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the World. You can get his latest historical novels on Amazon by following this link.

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