Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Real reason why Africa boycotted the 1966 FIFA World Cup

FIFA (Federation International Football Association) awarded the 1966 World Cup tournament to England. A total number of 70 nations participated in...
Image of Opening Ceremony of the 1976 Montréal Olympic Games, July 17, 1976.

Why Nigeria, others boycotted the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games

The Olympic Games offer a uniquely peaceful and mutually respectful meeting-place for the nations of the world to showcase their skills...
Image of Sam Ibiam, the Black Magnet

Nigeria’s First Goalkeeper: Sam Henshaw Ibiam, the Black Magnet

Sam Henshaw Ibiam (April 4, 1925—December 2, 2015), popularly known as “The Black Magnet” during his playing days, was a Nigerian footballer who played...
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